We're looking for suppliers,
to give all kids the room to express their imagination and creativity...


"They always played
with the box more than the present."

Lockdown has restricted play for a lot of kids and with the economy shrinking every parent needs to think creatively on stretching budgets.
Inspired by my own kids boxbuilder.co.uk aims to bring together kids in play online - with affordable plans and kits for play made from boxes and prizes for the best homemade designs from creative play at it's best.

Packs generated and fulfilled...

We're looking for a supplier who can put together packs of boxes in different sizes, receive orders by email and fulfill by post/courier.

Art suppliers required...

We're looking for child friendly paints and brushes to be sold through the site or as packs with the boxes.

Opportunities available..

There might be more to sell - aprons, table covers, tape and glue...

who we are

boxbuilder.co.uk is an interactive business enterprise from The Interactive Business Enterprise Ltd. 

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