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We're looking for a partner not a supplier, we'd need a discount on your retail prices but we're happy to promote you via our own promotion if you promote us to your customers - in that way we both benefit.

Off the shelf option

If you already selling online to consumers the form below gives you the option to provide us with potential discounts against your retail prices. You will fulfill orders received by email.

Custom orders

We'd like packs made up a selection of packs or even specific colours by design if this is something you could provide let us know.

Joint promotion

The site will be marketing via PR, social media and possibly Facebook advertising. We could promote our businesses jointly for mutual benefit - if you could supply a unique colour, an unusual brush - anything with PR value.

Business ethos...

Post COVID19 our focus is getting individuals and businesses together to provide products and services for tighter times both in commerce and in the real world. The time has come to help each other.

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who we are is an interactive business enterprise from The Interactive Business Enterprise Ltd.
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